Murder at the Jewish-Italian Wedding Going Strong
Gail Plotkin’s Murder Mystery Dinner Theater has the hit that won’t quit. Murder at the Jewish-Italian Wedding is into its 6th season at the Gulfsteam Dinner Theater in Boynton Beach.
Floridians have been
laughing all the way to the solu-
tion at Gail Plotkin’s dinner-
shows for 15 years, but this
murderous marriage has been
her biggest success.
Jewish-American princess,
Sarah Silverman, is marrying Ital-
ian stallion Salvatore Santore
for the 5 million dollars he is
supposed to inherit on his wed-
ding day. Of course, both families are putting on a good show, but the plain fact is that each side is broke–and thinks the other has money. The groom’s uncle is even engaged to the mother of the bride to clinch the deal.
The ceremony is every mother’s nightmare. The bride gets a call on her cell phone during the vows, but the rabbi (Wolfman Jake, who doubles as the DJ) pronounces Sal and Sarah man and wife.
Then, there’s the matter of the money. It seems Sal’s parents were killed in an “unfortunate” bank robbery–one in which $5 million disappears. Sal’s Uncle Vito has promised to keep the money and give it to Sal on the night of his wedding. Trouble is, Vito gambled it away, and renegs during the toast.
The rest, is well, hilarious. Vito is done in a most unusual manner, and the guests set about to solve the case. Regionally famous detective Boynton Blackie arrives with information, and the suspects reveal clues at the tables to help solve the crime. In the end, those who guess the killer win a prize.
As at any wedding, the audience dines and dances with the bridal party. From the first dance, A Kiss to Build a Dream On, through all the party favorites like New York, New York and YMCA, there is nonstop laughter and fun. Even when it’s time to take the guilty party to jail, he/she is escorted in a Conga line.
Murder at the Jewish-Italian Wedding will be running for its eighth season at the Flamingo Room in Delray. Now through June 15, 2003, Sal and Sarah will tie the knot every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 7 p.m., and Sundays at 12:30 p.m. and 6 p.m.
Dinner for all shows consists of salad, choice of 3 entrees, hot rolls, fresh vegetables, potato, dessert, coffee, or tea. The entree choices are prime rib, broiled salmon, and chicken marsala.

Murder at the Country Club a Hit
Gail Plotkin’s Murder Mystery Dinner Theater has a new hit this season. Murder at the Country Club opened to raves at the Gulfstream Dinner Theater in Boynton Beach,
and it looks like this madcap mystery may be Plotkin’s biggest success.
Golf gigolo, Arnold Charmer, gets
more than roasted at the Good
Lie Country Club’s Annual Ban-
quet. The good members of the
financially troubled Good Lie
Country Club (audience mem-
bers) are faced with a dilemma:
whether to raise the dues or let a
developer build a miniature golf
course on their property. The
club president, Ace Mulligan, his wife Brassie, and daughter Muffy campaign to raise the dues since the miniature golf course will bring “every Tom, Dick, and Harry with five bucks in his pocket into their club house.” As Ace says, “What’s the point of having a club, if you can’t keep people out?”.
Arnold Charmer and the club secretary, Mildred Creech, are for bringing in the miniature golf course. Of course, Arnold is getting a payoff from the developer and Mildred is madly in love with Arnold. For that matter, so are Brassie, Muffy, and most of the female club members.
The members vote. Each night the outcome is a surprise depending on the audience, but Arnold has an even bigger surprise. He announces that he has raised the money to join the PGA tour. Actually, he has taken money from Muffy, Brassie, and Mildred, and told each of them she would be going with him.
After a roast of the club president, there is a tell-your -best-golf-joke contest. The winner takes home a prize, and it finally comes time for Arnold to drink from the Good Lie Loving Cup. Arnold takes a big swallow and suddenly finds he is a murder victim, but being a big ham, he goes out with a song. The club members, encouraged by Arnold, continue to dance and be merry.
Was the poison in the cup or was it in his ulcer medicine? The plot thickens. The suspects go to the tables to be questioned, each with their alibis and accusations.
As at any country club party, the members dine and dance the night away. From the first dance through favorites like The Twist and Old Time Rock and Roll, there is nonstop laughter and fun.