Who Wants to Murder a Millionaire?
An audience participation murder mystery that will
keep you laughing until the final answer.

Cynthia van Gelt invites you to meet her protoge,
Nikolai Natgudenov. Dance and laugh all night
as you try to catch the killer.

A Flagler Fantasy

Robber baron and oil tycoon, Henry Flagler, finds the Fountain of Youth, fakes his death, and returns young again in 1929–only to be a suspect in a murder. Period costumes, famous characters of the 1920’s, and a
futuristic DJ.

Murder at the Country Club

A Deadly Dose

Cynthia van Gelt hosts a high society party at which her maid is poisoned. Formal attire, royalty, and a six-piece band.

Murder Dot Com

Cyberspace wizard, Will Dates, spins a world of
intrigue and finds murder at his mouse pad.

Bobby and Bunny’s Comedy Wedding

Heiress Bunny Balesful marries stock boy Bobby Poorfellow in this raucous Cinderfella wedding.

Sugar’s Place

Businessman Harry Rich opens a night club for his sweetie, Sugar Kane. Sugar is bent on having a singing career until a murder interferes. Interactive musical-comedy at its best.

Murder at the Jewish-Italian Wedding
The bride is a Jewish-American princess, the groom is an Italian stallion, and one of the guests is dressed to kill in this comedy-wedding murder mystery.